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A Faithful Man vs. A Cheating Man

You can be a man who has it all; the beautiful, doting girlfriend, a nice home in the suburbs, a prosperous career with a comfortable salary, the new car, perhaps even children.

For most, these are the ideals and the milestones we aspire to in life knowing that, one day, these will stand as our real achievements. Being a good husband, father and friend is what faithful men will want to be remembered for.

Men happy in the lifestyles they have built, through hard work and being a good guy, don’t cheat or mess around.  They don’t need to. They respect the decisions they have made and have the self-assurance to change if things are no longer working. Isn’t it this kind of confidence that makes all the hard work worthwhile?

But, take a look at the lives of the celebrities who pretend to have it all, and yet fall apart in front of our very eyes; we know from them, that this kind of idyllic lifestyle does not satisfy all.

No matter what a man’s achievements are to date, for some there is always a need to have more than their fair share, especially with women. This will be the man who will end up cheating on his wife.

A faithful guy will always look at the positives in his situation. He knows the difference between happy realities versus mere fantasies.

The faithful type has integrity, authority, and respect for the feelings of others. He is a caring man, out to hurt nobody but also knows how to look after himself.

Everyone has a friend like this. They might be seen as a rare breed. But he is the one out of all your buddies who is contented in the simple things, which he considers to be his biggest blessings; family, health and friendship.

The famous saying ‘love the one you’re with,’ is this man’s mantra, otherwise what is the point right?

Faithful men won’t waste their time being with someone just because they make a great house-wife, or because they get along great with their mum. If things aren’t working out, he’ll tell you. He doesn’t back-stab friends and he doesn’t lie to his girlfriend.

Often a good communicator of his feelings, the faithful man is challenged when things are going wrong in a relationship, rather than disheartened. This guy will spring into action at the hint of a problem, and will ask why things aren’t the way they were before? He will be open to change in order to get things back on track.

This guy lacks an ego, which is often seen as a negative by most. However, without a macho ego dominating his life, the faithful man knows how to hold his hands up when he is wrong. He has nothing to lose in admitting that he messed up, that he acted like a jerk or hurt someone unintentionally.

He is a brave man who knows he is still a good guy and so doesn’t feel threatened by minor failures which come with every relationship. But he still wouldn’t cheat.  

A man who cheats, on the other hand, throws these aspiring attributes out of the window, preferring instead to try and get it all. He wants the wife, the house, the car…and a weekend mistress to play around with.

On the outset, the cheating guy appears brave, bold and confident. But inside, he’s a real wimp. He is wrapped up in his ego, full of pride, arrogance, selfishness and lies. He is unable to take responsibility for his actions and instead runs and hides from his unassuming wife like a criminal.

Once a cheat, always a cheat right? That’s because the cheat never admits to being wrong. He would rather blame his wife for the lack of attention she’s shown him, or the mistress for coming on too strong, than say that he made a mistake.

This kind of guy has little luck with lasting relationships. It doesn’t take long for people to smell a rat. He pushes everyone away because of his own fear and resides to a life of material and superficial grandeur.  

Which one would you rather be? It’s your choice.

A man of courage, surrounded by people he truly loves…or the guy who is forever striving for more, more and more - because what he has is never enough.

Many men have played the cheat in the past. But it doesn’t have to be that way in the future. Change – a lot of change – is needed to undo old negative patterns, in order to build a new set of life-enhancing values.  Unfortunately, this turn-around usually comes after suffering a lifetime of consequences from making bad and selfish decisions.

But why wait until you're on the scrap-heap to change? Why not do something about it now?

No matter what your age – 20, 30, even 50 – it’s never too late to reap the benefits that maturity and wisdom can bring to your life and your relationships.

Even the most selfish and womanising men still want the best for their children, and to be a good role model; hoping that they won’t repeat their mistakes. It starts here and now with action and, with you being a good example.

No man really wants to turn out like Arnold. Do they?

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